Agreed self-settlement

  • As a refugee in Norway, you can enter into an agreement of self-settlement. This arrangement posits that refugees who have not been assigned a settlement municipality find housing themselves. They then contact IMDi and the municipality in which the residence is located. If the municipality approves the rental contract, the settlement then takes place through an agreement between IMDi and the municipality. Refugees who chose agreed self-settlement retain their right to participate in the induction program, in addition to all social rights.

  • Not all municipalities allow agreed self-settlement. Here is a list of municipalities that allow agreed self-settlement

  • If you can manage yourself financially and have a place to stay, you are essentially free to settle on your own initiative without making agreements with neither IMDi nor the municipality. If this is the case, you will NOT have the right to the induction program, but the municipality might still choose to offer it to you. You may also lose rights to other benefits.
  • The information you provide must be correct.

  • Just you, your refugee guide, and landlord can access your personal details when you register at Refugee Home Norway.

The DUF number must match the official ones from IMDi. You can find your DUF number on the case files you have received from UDI. If you have a residency card, your DUF number will be written on it.

  • Are you unable to enter/Are you unable to register? Please make sure that your DUF number matches the case files from UDI or the residency card, and try again. Contact XXX if you have questions regarding your DUF number.