1.  Don’t wear shoes inside. Take off your shoes when visiting others, and preferably also at home in your living room. This is something the landlord will appreciate. Norwegians are proud of their floors and like to keep their homes neat and clean.

2.  Don’t smoke indoors. The Tobacco Act, often referred to as “the smoking law,” prohibits smoking in most eateries, bars and restaurants. Most Norwegians also wish to live in a smoke-free home with a good indoor climate. Remember that indoor tobacco smoke harms the health of both you and the ones around you, and may cause cancer.

3.  Norwegians are not used to spicy food with a strong smell. Show consideration towards your neighbors when making dinner. Close the windows and use the kitchen fan whenever you use the stovetop.

4.  Be careful with open fire. Many Norwegian houses are made of wood. Be cautious when lighting candles and other flammable items. Remember to extinguish all flames before leaving your home!

5.  Most Norwegians appreciate peace and quiet in the evenings, and prefer the house to be silent after 23:00. Turn down music and use what we Norwegians refer to as “an indoor voice.”

6.  We love animals, especially dogs! In Norway, dogs are considered to be a human’s best friend, and we are used to keeping them inside - often on the couch. The dogs are house-trained, cuddly and very rarely dangerous.

7.  Respect the landlord’s privacy. Norwegians like to be social, but they also like to spend time by themselves. The landlord might not always be available or up for company. It may be wise to call ahead or knock on the door if you want to come visit.

8.  Cleanliness is important. Showering after exercise is a must, but be wary of emptying the water tank by using all of the hot water!

9.  Air out and clean the house! The foundations for good health must be created early, which is why the environment in your accommodation is important. The indoor air is often more polluted than the air outside. A poor indoor air quality is often the result of bad cleaning/dust, high indoor temperatures, inadequate ventilation, or not airing out of the accommodation enough. (Source: Helsenorge.no).

10. Feel free to invite the landlord, neighbors, and new and old friends over for dinner, but make sure to invite them over between 18:00 and 20:00. In Norway, we generally eat dinner earlier than in other countries.